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Twitter got Hacked

Major problems at Twitter this morning. At the time I write this all verified accounts have been prevented from tweeting because hackers have, presumably, gained access to internal tooling that allows them to take over accounts at will.

High profile accounts are being used to work a Bitcoin scam – which has netted the hackers about £92k so far.

I am grateful that this was the height of their ambition. Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump had tweeted “Just authorised a tactical nuclear strike on China. #BESTWEAPONS #MAGA!”


Social media, where human feeling goes to die

Neil Steinberg, reflecting on an angry Twitter exchange about cake, sums up most of the problems with social media:

I did notice something though. When I was being jerkily defensive, the Block Club folks leapt to thrust and parry. When I paused, reconsidered, realized I was in the wrong and sincerely apologized, they just shrugged and ghosted me. That’s social media, where human feeling goes to die. It’s like, if you’re not being snarky, they can’t hear you.


His introductory words are ‘this grew surprisingly unpleasant’ – which seems to accurately and succinctly sum up the whole Web 2.0 endeavour.

I don’t want to see any of you out there.

Stay home. Stay safe. Wash your hands.