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Jamie @jamie18 May 2020

OK. Mastodon posts are making their way over to my blog – but I’ve no idea how. I think Bridgy is involved but nothing is showing in the logs. 🧐

Jamie @jamie16 May 2020

Huh. Peter blogs via finger – which is.. unusual.

> finger
Jamie @jamie

This is quite cool:

Jamie @jamie13 May 2020

Broadband contract up. Letter says to contact them on customer service number or live chat if I want to upgrade. I choose live chat because I don’t want to talk to other humans. Robot says it will take 45 mins to 1 hour to upgrade my service…

Jamie @jamie11 May 2020

A four second workout? Now you’re talking.

Jamie @jamie

I do feel a *tiny* bit sorry for Boris Johnson. He schemed his way up to the job he always wanted, throwing people under the bus along the way, but all all he will be remembered for is Brexit and COVID-19.