Hi, I’m Jamie.

I like 📚 books, 🏺 history, 🏛️ architecture, ☕ tea and 💻 terminals. This is my 📢 blog, and another excuse to waste time on the internet.

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Link: The Tent Peg

Zac is publishing beautiful essays and photographs from his various treks around nice bits of the UK.

I haven’t done any strenuous walking for quite some time, so it’s nice to experience it vicariously from someone who can put words to it.

Link: The Tent Peg

Cancelling the NYT Sucks

You can’t cancel a subscription to The New York Times unless you phone them or sit through a script on talk to an online ‘Customer Care Advocate’. I hate that. The only thing I’m allowed to do is update my billing information, which gave me an idea.