Notes for Readers


The words, sentences, phrases, opinions & statements on this website are my creation. They do not reflect the beliefs of my employer, or anyone else I am professionally or personally related to.

With that said, you should also consider the following:

Opinions Change

This blog goes back many years. Like all well adjusted people, my opinions and beliefs have changed over time. What I said five years ago probably isn’t what I believe now.

I am probably wrong

You should not take anything on this site as expert advice. I am an expert in very few things – therefore my opinions or statements may be factually or materially wrong. Feel free to tell me that I am wrong. Even better, tell me why I am wrong. I’ll be happy to set the record straight.

I’m not responsible for what I link to

If I link to somewhere and it offends you in some way, steals your dog or mugs your computer – that’s not my fault. Obviously I’ll try not to link to dodgy places, but the internet is a strange place and I don’t have the time to constantly monitor my links. Similarly, external links will take you to places with different privacy and data collection policies. It’s on you to check that out.

Your problems are not my fault

If I say something, and you do it, and it results in you breaking something (or the law), that makes you the fool not me.