Week 6: Tactical Waist Pack

Another week down. Here’s my notes from the week that was.

I spent much of my childhood and adolescence rambling around fields and talking shit with my mates, easily the most care-free times of my life. There’s something about The Detectorists - a BBC4 comedy series about the lives of two metal detectorists - that reminds me of that time. I first watched it a couple of years ago but rewatched the first two series this week. It is beautifully written and directed, completely uncynical, and pure joy to watch.

I’ve some how ended up buying a bum bag. Hang on, let me explain. At the time of purchase it seemed like a potentially useful bit of kit. I don’t like carrying a rucksack unless I’m taking a packed lunch or something, and I hate having stuff rattling around in my pockets. The amazon description calls it a ‘Tactical Waist Pack’ (I imagine to make people like me feel better about buying it) but It wasn’t until it arrived when it dawned on me what I’d done. Am I old enough to wear a bum bag and not care? I think I probably am.

Sunday saw storm Ciara bear down upon us, making the weather somewhat inclement. It was pretty ferocious for a couple of hours but we escaped the worst of it.

TomTom have released their 2019 Traffic Index, showing the extent of traffic congestion around the world. My own city ranked as the 5th most congested in the UK and 73rd most congested in the world. I can confirm that driving here at peak time, or any time, is an infuriating experience - one that could be made much better with investment in decent cycling infrastructure.

After cautiously waiting a couple of months to allow the initial bugs to iron themselves out, I finally upgraded my Hackintosh to Catalina. It took an hour or so and went reasonably smoothly, the only hiccup being that Microsoft Office 2016 no longer works.


Finished: Platform, by Michel Houllebecq


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