Week 2: What will be, will be

I thought about writing a review of the decade past and my hopes for the one to come, but it could be easily distilled down to ‘a lot happened’ and ‘a lot will happen’- the latter being as much out of my control as the former was.

I’ve never been one for carefully laid out plans. There’s only a few things known for sure about this year: our eldest will head off to university in September, we’ve got to make some decisions about where we want to live, and I should decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Small stuff really, innit?

We went for a bimble around York on Sunday, a favourite destination of ours when we have no other ideas.


Finished: Serotonin, by Michel Houellebecq
Started: Cage of Souls, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

From the net:

Love, leaving & loneliness - A thoughtful peace on the side-effects of the drive towards social mobility.

Woven City - Toyota is building the city of the future in Japan.

How much land does a man need? - A short story by Leo Tolstoy. The answer is: not as much as you think, or at least not as much as you want.


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