2019/17: Perfect circle

A welcome relief from dystopia

Greetings from the Humber Estuary.

My car went in for the mandatory yearly safety check this week and needed no work, which was lucky as I couldn’t have paid for any work unless garages now accept tokens of gratitude as payment. This car is the most boring car I have ever owned, but in three years it’s only cost me four tyres and a two wiper blades. Can’t argue with the economy of it.

Currently Reading:

  • The Heart Goes Last, By Margaret Atwood

    This distopian fiction is a welcome relief from the dystopia outside my front door, and the one in my head.

From the net:

The internet blessed me with the following great content this week:

  • Computer Files Are Going Extinct - OneZero [Medium]

    Modern tools, especially online ones, are making the filesystem less relevent - but at what cost? Long live the filesystem, and my complex but logical file structure.

  • Why these social networks failed so badly [Gizmodo]

    A fairly long list of the social networks that have come and gone. How long until we see Facebook on this list - a decade? More?

  • Be amazed as Alexander Overwijk draws a perfect freehand circle:

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