Architectural Renders of Temporary Commons

The Palace of Westminster, home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords, is literally falling down. Putting aside philosophical musings about whether this is a reflection on the perilous state of our democracy, the situation has become so severe that MPs are going to have to move out.

I take some dark pleasure from imagining specific MPs having to beg for hot desks around central London like many local government workers now do, but that wasn’t ever going to happen. Instead, they’ll have to slum it out in these temporary digs:

The architects have done a grand job with their brief, but it seems that the brief was somewhat limited in scope. The adversarial seating style no longer reflects the make-up of Parliament, so it’s a shame they didn’t have the option shake-up the layout a bit - or to move it out of London. Despite these gripes, I rather like it.


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