Things I Found on the Internet: Edition III

Lighthouse facts, bridges, birds, boats and weird art

A map of the worlds lighthouses, rendered from Open Streetmap data. Did you know that mariners can identify a lighthouse from sea by its individual characteristics? Also unknown to me, until now, is that all lighthouses in England are overseen by a guild called ‘The Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Guild Fraternity or Brotherhood of the most glorious and undivided Trinity and of St Clement in the Parish of Deptford Strond in the County of Kent’ – which is a bit of a mouthful.

A Belgian farmer accidentally increased the size of Belgium by 2.29 meters.

My name is Jamie, and I enjoy watching glossy videos of Super Yachts on Youtube. They elicit so many emotions & feelings – mostly revulsion, but often pure awe.

This is one of the nicer ones and can be yours for a cool $300,000,000.

Portugal has constructed what it claims to be the worlds longest suspended pedestrian bridge. It’s 516 meters long, and hangs 175 feet above the Paiva River in Arouca. Can you imagine how much that thing swings in the wind? NO THANKS.

This is what I sound like. Or what I used to sound like. I’ve lost some of the Yorkshire from my accent in recent years. I remember meeting my wife’s grandad for the first time, not long after I had moved from Scarborough to Hull. He would turn to my wife whenever I said anything and say: ‘What did he say?’. I never worked out whether he was pulling my leg.

David Henry creates surreal self-portraits by sticking random things to his face.

Three minutes of incredible storm footage from Mike Olbinski. Take a break, bung it on full-screen and watch the full three minutes. It’s worth it.

The New York Times takes a deep dive into the history of art in the Oval Office, and it’s surprisingly interesting.

I need this bird.