Facebook’s hunger for data

I’ve always been a little uneasy about WhatsApp being owned by Facebook, but it’s a great messenger and I take some consolation from the fact that it is end-to-end encrypted and Facebook gets very little information about me.

Yesterday I got the dreaded pop-up, asking me to consent to new terms and conditions. The terms and conditions were reams of incomprehensible legalese, but amount to consenting to information being shared more widely between Facebook and WhatsApp (they later clarified that there will be no changes to the privacy protections afforded EU citizens, but we still have to accept the changed terms and conditions).

All in all it was enough for me to close my WhatsApp account, severing my final link to the Facebook empire.

Apple 'App Privacy' Labels

The messaging ecosystem is an incompatible mess, so I now have iMessage, Telegram & Signal installed. Hopefully some of my contacts will migrate to one of those.