The greatest gift

I really couldn’t have got through 2020 without books. They’ve taken me to places that I couldn’t have visited, helped me to know people who I will never meet, and opened my mind to different perspectives – so this quote from Om Malik resonates:

More than any other medium, books have defined life. They have helped me imagine. They have helped me escape. And they have educated me and shown me a better version of myself. 

Om Malik – Our sadness is really selfishness

I am a reader by luck. I don’t recall my parents reading to me when I was young, nor do I remember being surrounded by books. My parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. One of the many ways that this frustrates your childhood is an exclusion from the school assembly, so while my peers gathered in the hall, singing hymns or doing whatever else you do in a school assembly in the 1980s – I would sit in the small library and, with lack of anything else to do (and because we didn’t have the luxury of pocket entertainment devices back then), I would pluck books from the shelves and read to pass the time.

Books have carried me through the most challenging times of my life. I enjoyed reading to my children when they were younger, and both of them have picked up a love of stories. It’s the greatest gift I have given them.