The scenic route

The satnav offered me two options for my journey home from Staffordshire earlier this week, a large stretch of the M1 (shorter) or straight through the heart of the Peak District National Park (longer).

Despite the worrying check engine light sign that has plagued my dash for the last month, I opted for the latter and enjoyed an hour of heather lined winding roads, engine stressing hills and picturesque villages.

Please enjoy a minute of my journey through this marvellous place.

One response to “The scenic route”

  1. Ben says:

    When the weather’s fine it’s the only way to go.

    I often have to a similar route from Shropshire to Sheffield. Interestingly it’s actually quite a bit shorter in terms of mileage – one time I had rented a van with only 200 miles allowed on it, going over the hills was a lifesaver!

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