Very, very frightening

Thunderclouds above our house

Brilliant sunshine gave way to belligerent clouds this evening, and with them dozens of lightning strikes and thunder that rattled the windows and agitated the neighbourhood dogs.

Even as an adult I find thunder unsettling. The lightning, not so much.

E slept peacefully through it all. My mother used to wake me when there was a good thunderstorm. She would first unplug all of the electrical appliances, in case there was an electrical surge, and we’d watch it out of my bedroom window with all the house lights off. I used to laugh when I thought about this later, until I lost an ADSL router during a storm and was without internet for a week.

4 responses to “Very, very frightening”

  1. @jamie Here bright sunshine suddenly gave way to sea mist, It came in a visible stream from the west, we thought it was smoke from a hayrick fire. It spread rapidly until we could not see the other side of the valley.

  2. Basil says:

    @wyliecoyoteuk @jamie house on my mate’s street caught fire from a lightning strike.

  3. Jamie says:

    @basil Great. That’s another source of dread to add to my list.@wyliecoyoteuk

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