How many devices is too many?

In response to Kev, Bob and others who have posted lists of the extensive amount of devices that they use, while wondering aloud if they have too many. I absolutely do have too many, and I accept your judgement.

Here’s my list:

I’m a late adopter and usually a couple of iterations behind whatever is current, so while it looks like I’ve got the relatively new stuff – I’m just at that point in the cycle. My last phone, for example, was an iPhone 6. My laptop is seven years old, and I can’t see any reason to replace it.

I mean, it does look like a lot. But is it really?

2 responses to “How many devices is too many?”

  1. @jamie Nice list you have yourself. I know my boys would love for me to upgrade from a Wii U to a Switch at some point.

  2. Jamie says:

    @boblmartens The Switch was a gift from my wife. I’ve not really had any interest in handheld systems before but I absolutely love it.