A run around the moors

Suddenly having a free day yesterday (which also turned out to be gloriously sunny), I took inspiration from a reviewed ride on HYB and headed out on my bike to the Yorkshire Moors for the day. No real plan but I wanted to visit Blakey Ridge and Lord Stones along the way.

My first stop was at Fimber which, as usual, was very busy. A frankenstein bike pulled up beside me while I was supping my tea: no lights, no speedo, no instruments and a paint job that suggested it had just been rolled down a hill. It’s owner said it was a Bandit 1200 engine in an unknown frame, with wheels and other parts from old bikes he had lying around in his garage. I couldn’t see an ignition system so asked him how he started it. His reply was a small green electrical connector block pulled out of his jacket pocket. It was his winter bike – just hadn’t got round to getting a summer one yet. He said he’d been stopped loads of times by the police but it’s all road legal, apparently.

After that I headed straight for the moors, stopping periodically to take photos. Blakey Ridge was nice but I decided not to stop because my intention was to head further up and round to Lord Stones – and I can only eat so many butties in one day. Instead I headed onwards and upwards and after a few pleasant miles split off to the left and down into Westerdale, passing a scenic picnic site called River Falls which I plan to revisit one day. From there, out through the top of the moors, past Stokesly, returning to back to the moors through Carlton Bank (which is pretty fecking steep!)

I intended to visit Lord Stones but must have flown right past it, so carried on down to Helmsley, through Chop Gate (had a cool name, but not as good as Wetwang), stopped for chips, then returned to Hull the long way round.

It was sunny all day. Good roads, good weather, good times!

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